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Drawing the Line Between Work and Relaxation

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Aug 28, 2019

We know the struggle of owning a creative business and having a hard time knowing when to call it quits for the day. In fact, last night (after a full day of working), I stayed up until three a.m researching for my business. I was already exhausted, but I was in the zone and wanted to get more accomplished.

Learning where to draw the line is HARD. Hard work pays off in small biz, but you can’t forget about yourself. I don’t have nights like the one I had last night often, but when I first started my business that wasn’t the case. I worked ALL the time. I can name a few times I stayed up and worked all night because a client couldn’t make up their mind. That was stressful, and it certainly a regret I carry from when I opened up shop.

I had to learn quickly how to better balance my work life and personal life. I went though some really tough health issues that forced me to relax, and even then I was stressed I wasn’t giving my work enough attention – even while my body was begging for relaxation. It was a HUGE wake up call when one morning I wasn’t able to get out of bed. My first thought was “look what you’ve done to yourself.” Although I couldn’t control what was happening with my health, I had to learn that I could control how I treated my work and personal time.

These days, I have set hours (with the occasional late night) and when my hours are up for the day, I leave it for the next day and spend time with my family and my lab.

Let’s start a thread below with how YOU decide when your work day is done and what you do to RELAX!

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