We know the struggle of owning a creative business and having a hard time knowing when to call it quits for the day. In fact, last night (after a full day of working), I stayed up until three a.m researching for my business. I was already exhausted, but I was in the zone and wanted […]

This is something we have wanted to put together for so long, and finally – here we are! This is a place for creatives to come to connect with other creatives for projects and services. It’s also a place for potential clients to browse amazing creatives for whatever they may need! If you’re a client, […]

by: Marina Baker of Brides by Baker Do I even need a wedding planner? So, you’re engaged to your best friend and you are on cloud 9 thinking about your future together. Enjoy this time because this should be a very exciting time where you get you enjoy each other’s company as well as the […]