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by: Victoria Parker Photography Talk about an engagement session out in the middle of a Californian rain storm, which are rare but they happen once in the while. Veronica and Erik meet in high school , but didn’t start dating until after high school. They had friends in common and hang out. They eventually become […]

Hi, I’m Kaitlyn. I am a wife and mom from Virginia who enjoys essential oils, coffee, and reading. I like to call myself an ACTIONISTA who helps other entrepreneurs in the backend of their business by taking care of #allthethings so that they can accomplish goals faster and have more time for what is important. […]

I run three businesses (plus this directory). I’m a busy lady and I don’t have time to do a lot of the tasks that need to be completed each day to run a business (let alone three). I’ve tried and tested so many business applications that you wouldn’t believe. All of that testing helped me […]